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  Majestic Theatre  

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Click to edit the profile for Majestic Theatre 4140 Woodward Avenue, Detroit, MI, US, 48201 Email:
Phone: 313.833.9700 Web:

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The Majestic, our largest live music venue, is the auditorium of the original Majestic Theatre. Built in 1915, The Majestic Theatre was touted as the largest theatre built for the purpose of showing motion pictures and also featured live vaudeville acts. The Majestic Theatre's innovations in design included a new lighting system that could be raised and dimmed ("to go from sunrise to sunset") and an air-conditioning system which generated cool air in the theatre by using huge fans to blow on giant slabs of ice located in the basement. Over the years, the theatre became a third- and fourth-run movie house, a church, a photo studio, a trophy shop and in 1987 became known as The Majestic, featuring live music and entertainment from touring blues, rock, jazz, folk, reggae and worldbeat artists.