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  Orpheum Theatre  

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Click to edit the profile for Orpheum Theatre 206 State Street, Madison, WI, US, 53703 Email: Send an email
Phone: 608-255-6005 Web:
Fax: 608-257-6655
When making the trek down State Street, many may miss one of Madison’s most culturally rich representations of American heartland, the historic Orpheum Theatre. In 1927 the Orpheum opened as one of more that 100 “Orpheum Circuit” theaters around the United States. The Madison Orpheum was originally built due to growing University of Wisconsin student enrollment and high demand for a theater, which was at the epicenter of social life during that time. Students flocked to silent films, vaudeville shows, large state productions and big band artists. Currently, patrons are warmed by chandelier lights and old-time jazz inside. The theater is draped in Baroque architecture while serving American style fare plus showing independent films and hosting local and national music. As the theater continues to be restored many Madisonians feel that it is a very special place.