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  The Riot Room  

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Click to edit the profile for The Riot Room 4048 Broadway, Kansas City, MO, US, 64111 Email:
Phone: 816-442-8179 Web:
The Riot Room rose from the ashes of the Hurricane. Booking some of the hottest names in local music, the scaled-down, cleaned-up spot at 4048 Broadway has quickly re-earned its cred as Westport’s rock-and-roll institution. Generally smoky, dimly lighted and loud, the Riot Room can be intimidating — or a godsend for those who are comfortable with the debauchery of the midtown scene. Claiming that it’s “bringing wasted back in style,” the Riot Room has a reverse happy hour at midnight. But early in the evening is when some of the area’s most ubiquitous drinking musicians can be found at the circular bar.