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  Cedar Cultural Center  

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Click to edit the profile for Cedar Cultural Center 416 Cedar Avenue South, Minneapolis, MN, US, 55454 Email:
Phone: 612-338-2674 Web:

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The Cedar is located in the historic Cedar Theater building, which opened in 1948 and operated as a movie theater until the 1970’s before falling into disuse. The Cedar Cultural Center was established in 1989 when local real estate magnate Keith Heller donated the theater to a non-profit started by Deb Martin and Mary Ann Dotsen, Minnesota STAR (Society for Traditional Arts and Resources). Their mission was “to support the preservation of cultural diversity by promoting and presenting traditional music and dance of many cultures.” Bill Kubeczko has been the artistic director since 1993, and with the help of a small, dedicated staff and a legion of energetic volunteers, the Cedar has been presenting 150 or more high-quality shows every year since.

Send Event to Friends    David Wilcox - Friday, September 28, 2018 @ 8:00 PM