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  Turner Hall  

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Click to edit the profile for Turner Hall 1034 N. 4th Street, Milwaukee, WI, US, 53203 Email: Send an email
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Turner Hall Ballroom is a two-story, 7,000-plus square feet space with a 31-foot by 56-foot raked stage on the east end and an expansive balcony that sweeps around the west and north ends. Since the late nineteenth century, the Ballroom has played host to a wide range of social, cultural, and political events. Turner Hall was a showplace for the panoramic painters and other German immigrant artists who dominated the Milwaukee art scene until the 1920’s and throughout the early 1900’s; Milwaukee residents visited this space for weekly concerts, dances, gymnastic competitions and theatrical presentations. Two ceiling fires damaged the ballroom in 1933 and again in 1941, ultimately causing the Milwaukee Turners to close its doors. Unfortunately, due to two world wars against Germany and the resulting anti-German sentiment, and a major economic depression, the Turners were unable to raise the social and financial capital to reopen this grand space. Now, after more than 70-years of neglect, the Turners have initiated a campaign to restore not only the physical space, but also the spirit of public use and enjoyment for which the space was originally intended. In 2000, the Turner Ballroom Preservation Trust (TBPT) was established, by members of the Milwaukee Turners, with the purpose of renovating, maintaining, and managing the historic Turner Hall Ballroom for civic and cultural purposes.