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It's hard to say when the history started for The Sherwood Blues Band, but if I had to pick one event that started the ball rollin', it would be when I heard my first blues. It was a song by the late, great McKinley Morganfield, better known as Muddy Waters. When I heard that sound, I knew my life's direction had just changed forever. I didn't even know anything about the blues; I just knew that my life changed in that moment. At that moment, a love affair began between me and and the blues, and that love affair continues to this day. I was overwhelmed by the simplicity and authenticity of the music, and that is why I have made them an integral part of my blues. I call my style of blues Authentic...Bedrock...Blues®. When I say bedrock, I mean it in the geological sense. When you build a house, you dig through the dirt, through the clay, and through the rock. When you hit bedrock, that's where you lay your foundation. That's the way I feel about my blues. I play lots of different kinds of music and blues, but my Authentic...Bedrock...Blues® lie at the door to my heart. There is something about simplicity and authenticity that moves me. There was a time when I was falling in love with the genre, and I read everything I could get my hands on about blues, blues artist, blues history, blues anything. Those artists had done great things, and those great things were in the book I was reading. As I have gotten older, and after I wrote my first original Authentic...Bedrock...Blues® piece, "Two O'clock in the Mornin'," I began to realize that there can be another chapter in that book. It is my hope and dream that I will write that chapter.
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