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  Justin Trawick  
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A poet is born, not made. Anyone can pick up a guitar, take a few lessons, and strum a couple of decent melodies; but there is only so much that can be taught when it comes to the art of songwriting and music performance. When Justin Trawick takes the stage he sings as if there is nothing he would rather be doing except connecting with his audience, even if its just for one moment during his performance. His fingers delicately pluck those familiar chordshis eyes close and for a brief moment he offers the contents of his soul to anyone willing to accept them. You probably wont ever see him flashing his bling on MTV Cribs, but if you look around hard enough, you just might catch a glimpse of him guitar strapped around his shoulders traversing that old country lane or meandering through an urban maze like the troubadours who came before him immersing himself in the encapsulating environment of human behavior and emotion singing about life, love, and everything in between
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